DA DA DA from the 20th/21st of October

Good, bad, so-so?

Chat away here, but with no spoilers until Monday.

Update: It’s mostly done:


I went through this one solo, completing a fair bit of it in the audience of a Bikram yoga competition of all places.

And I gotta say: I thought this one was tough. I still don’t know 11 across, and I was kinda disappointed to find that retreat to live in retirement = tnemeriter ni evil ot = Ernie = lucid star (from Sesame Street) is definitely not how the clue works.

DA seemed a little maladroit in this one, even if some of the clues were spectacular.

8 thoughts on “DA DA DA from the 20th/21st of October

  1. WARNING! WARNING! EXTREME DA Warning! Just got through the latest and it is another doozie. Clever, mischievous and downright nasty. Plenty of gold candidates;1D, 6D,7D, 18A, 19A (amusing) and on and on . Excellent crossie again DA.

  2. This was very satisfying to finish, although I did have to go to google for the existence of 11A. Would agree with AL on possible gold, especially 7D and 19A. I’d add 2A and 12D, and 18D (not super tricky, but nice piece of composition). And 13A/5D.

    I have a couple of criticisms, but as they might be classed as spoilers, I’ll put them in the other thread.

  3. Phew! That was tough. I really liked 9A, 13A&5D, 16A&10A, 19A, 1D, 7D, 12D.

    There were some I wasn’t so enthusiastic about – I’ll continue in the other thread.

  4. You’ll be disappointed about missing 24 across — it’s quite good sleight of hand.

    It’s not in Gold, but it should be.

    Will rectify now.

  5. Now all is clear. The reason I missed 24A is that I spelt 11D as “deep frier” instead of “deep fryer”. This is a weakness of mine as I tend to misspell “flyer” as “flier” too.

    And the reason I missed 11A is that I too had “sling” for 1D. On the other hand I have never heard of the star Deneb and would needed to have googled it. I was however pleased that I was able to dredge the other lucid star (Aldebaran, 3D) up from the recesses of my brain without googling.

    AS, your working out three solutions for 1D is amazing! The first one (throw) is my favourite.

  6. I certainly didn’t work out three solutions — I thought SLING was the answer and that was that, especially when it fit with two cross clues.

    The other two solutions, the proper one and the really good one THROW, were supplied by others on the blog.

    RB actually had SLING written in and moved over to SHIED; TT worked out THROW only to discover to his frustration that it wasn’t the solution for the grid.

  7. NC, I had to google BOTH of the lucid stars so you’re one up on me there.

    And I too am not sure of flier/flyer or frier/fryer. But consulting the Shorter Oxford Dictionary provides solace – they are acceptable alternative spellings.

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