Richo, I Miss You Already (DA on the 13/14th of November)

Richo has retired and I’m gutted. He deserved at the very least a 300th game in which he’d be chaired off upon the shoulders of players who he himself had so often carried over the recent dark years of the Richmond Football Club.

Would it be too much to expect DA to write a Richo crossword?

And here, write about this week’s DA without giving the answers away before Monday.

Update: It was a polite Sunday afternoon in Middle Park that got RC and I this far:


Not a bad crossword — in fact, some of the clues were excellent. Nevertheless, not as brilliant as last week’s, but, well, last week’s was special.

6 thoughts on “Richo, I Miss You Already (DA on the 13/14th of November)

  1. I hate to be a party pooper, but please no Richo crossword! I’m a Man Utd fan myself (originally hailing from that neck of the woods), and don’t follow the footy.

  2. Last week’s was always going to be a hard act to follow….but this week’s has some good stuff too. I’m thinking 11A, 21A, 1D, 12D, and15D. Not a bad follow up.

  3. DA’s a rugby man as far as I can tell from the crosswords, so I highly doubt a Richo crossword.

    You should go see Looking For Eric if you’re a Man U fan. I quite enjoyed it.

  4. Couldn’t agree more about the young man from Devonport. What a story! Just how great would his career have been without his unfair load of injuries? But then, the injuries were an integral part of the story. Some of his marks were in the same class as today’s 11A or 12D. At other times he was capable of total stuff-ups that had me scratching my head as much as I’m still scratching it over 14D and 23A.

  5. Just how great would Richo’s career have been if he was in a decent team! Sometimes, though, I wonder whether or not Richmond made him what he was — if his midfielders could have kicked reasonably, Richo would never have had to take so many speccies!

    14D is a quality piece of subterfuge.

  6. Busy weekend, so gave up on this part way through. 11A, 15 and 16A v good, 14D as well, though I had to go to the answers for that …

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