An Oversight (from the 30th/31st of October)

3 down: She follows win, or upset (9)
Almost a good clue: win, or upset = success or upset = successor upset = she follows.

That upset shouldn’t be there, as DA makes clear from the comments to the crossword’s list of confusions:

The word ‘upset’ in 3D is the crossword-equivalent of a sponge left behind in a surgery patient.

Ian is quite right, as are AL and RB. The word should have been removed before sewing up the final copy.

Why ‘upset’ was there in the first place was originally I’d tried to make an ellipsis with 4D. I’d been playing with the idea of win [SUCCESS] and upset [reverse one part of the TREE wordplay].

But that ploy fizzled, and I’d been flogging the […] tactic anyhow in recent weeks, so I re-sealed both clues and left the damn wettex behind! Am I upset? Of course. It’s shoddy. Almost suit-worthy.

Thanks for the wake-up. I’ll strive to…um…’expunge’ any further cases of malpractice in this puzzle’s successors. Best, DA

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