Resigned to Asynchronicity (DA on the 23rd/24th of October)

I will just have to accept it: DS is now Friday’s domain in The Age.

Oh well.

Update: A toughie, at least for me and RC.


There are four clues we couldn’t quite nut out and a fair whack of general confusion in quite an enjoyable crossword.

17 thoughts on “Resigned to Asynchronicity (DA on the 23rd/24th of October)

  1. Another high quality crossie from DA this week.Lots of amusement and cleverness:23d particularly cheeky. 5D 8D 9A 11A were all great as were many others. My favourite 15D.

  2. I’m not as resigned as you, AS. Under the crossies today there was a promo talking about the “new” puzzle page, assuring us that we will love it. Maybe synchronicity will be restored then???

    What I’m looking forward to almost as much as tomorrow’s DA is hearing whether NC tried the slater sauce recipe s/he posted last week!!!

  3. But didn’t Blake spell it with a Y?

    Also I think there is a syntax error in 1a. Sine the answer is a place name, shouldn’t it read “Here Everest finishing? Sure!”? The “here” should go at the beginning or the end.

    Otherwise, a cracker.

  4. Yes. Excellent this week. I agree with Ian re 1A on the placement of “here”. My favourites: 9A, 24A, 2D. But lots of other great (and tricky) clues.

    AL, your favourite 15D doesn’t exist! Did you mean 15A? If so, please enlighten me. It’s the only one I just can’t get.

  5. Sorry RB, I meant 16D. Re 15A, I don’t want to be a spoiler but all will be revealed on Monday methinks.(If the wait doesn’t WEAR you out beforehand)

  6. Speaking of spoilers, what exactly is the etiquette here? I have noticed there is usually no discussion of the finer points of the clues till late on a Sunday. Is everyone still going with the crossword all weekend, or is there some unwritten rule about not dissecting the corpse until after a decent interval? I’m new here, I need to be told how to behave!

  7. AL, yes 16D was a good one. And thanks for the WEAR hint – I’ve got it now. Quite neat.

    Ian, the etiquette seems to vary! At the moment it seems to be as you say. My own feeling (as stated before) is that you enter this week’s discussion thread at your own risk at any time, but others may have different ideas. AS may enlighten us.

  8. Ian, RB’s about right on the etiquette: it varies and it seems to be at the moment that spoilers are not the done thing until Monday or so.

    I think now with DA’s appearance in Saturday’s Age, and the answers on Monday, I might start putting in a DA Confusion post early so that people can ask for help — I now I needed some this week!

  9. And I only just noticed: symmetry is key to Blake’s poem, as is asymmetry in DA’s crossword!

  10. I’m giving up with 4 to go this week: 11A, 15A, 6D and 14D. If I am right with the other clues, 14D has to be T_I_T_L_N??? And 12D must be some kind of ologist.
    Checking comments now.

  11. AS & RC

    You missed exactly the same ones as me. Looking now at the answers I still can’t work them out.

    I even lightly drew in ROO. Am I right in assuming you knew ROO was a Milne character, but didn’t know how the clue worked?

    AS & SM)

    I’m not so bullish on 23D. As a sports fan it was the first clue I solved. Type “woods burning bright” into Google.

  12. I thought 23D a bit humdrum, too. Even though I wasn’t familiar with Blake’s poem, it was a bit too easy to guess.

  13. Snap! TT, did you also have RIP as the answer for 25D rather than RUN?

    I forgot to add the ROO clue into the confusion, but yep, same thought process: a Winnie the Pooh-related character, but we had no idea how the clue worked.

    I even countenanced the possibility that Steve Milne had just been traded to the Roos from the Saints, but DA definitely seems more taken by rugby than footy.

    About 23D, I just liked the reference to a poem that’s entered common parlance. Not quite as good as NAUGHTY BOY = BRIAN from an English paper as included in one of DA’s Huh posts on Cassowary Crossing, but nonetheless very good.

  14. Yep, same for RIP/RUN.

    Also considered Stephen Milne, but figured that because DA seems to prefer rugby, that was unlikely.

    But you never know… what’s the bet he inserts an AFL reference next week.

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