The Good Ol’ Days (DA on the 16/17th of October)

In the years to come, I’m gonna be telling my grandchildren about the good ol’ days when the climate wasn’t blisteringly hot, newspapers were released daily on paper and the DA was published in Friday’s Age.

Perhaps I’ll also be telling my grandchildren about how good this week’s DA is.


Update: Yep, this one’s worth telling the grandkids:

da comedians were funny

As what seems to be the case with most people, the SW corner was the killer in what was a very difficult DA. I was left with four blank which should have been two. Alas, I did not venture to write my answers down for the Roman figures and the measures clue without nary of an explanation.

And am I alone in thinking he who is free of ants in his pants is not funny at all?

29 thoughts on “The Good Ol’ Days (DA on the 16/17th of October)

  1. I’m enjoying this week’s theme. Will be giving it a proper crack on the morrow.

  2. As with most such DAs, once you’ve cracked the theme, it’s a bit easier. Can’t get 2D or 7D yet though. 9A, 13D and 16D possible gold for mine …

  3. 7D pretty clever. 2D I had considered the answer but rejected. Having now seen the answer, I reckon there’s a bit of bullshit involved.
    When the confusions piece goes up, I’ll ask about 11A. No spoilers yet though!

  4. Wow, I’m struggling. 2D has got me concerned too, Haiku. Either I have it wrong, or it should be “Forged rival audio” rather than “rival forged audio”. Maybe I’m wrong though.

  5. That’s what I thought – based on your rewording of the clue, you have it correct!

  6. Got 5 so far. In order of getting: 24D, 24A, 18D, 4D and 6D. Now all I have to do is deduce from 24A what the theme might be…

  7. If you can’t deduce the theme from 24 across, you might have got it wrong (unless you’ve never heard of the answer).

    Or are you being overly cautious?

  8. AS, I am pretty sure I must be right with 24A. At the risk of posting an obtuse spoiler (I am OK with those, but no outright spoilers quite yet please!)…

    …18D contains (“admits”) an anagram (“skewed”) of 24A

    Although to be 100% arithmetically accurate the clue for 24A should read “Sixty-six and two-thirds percent burning (3,1)

  9. I too am enjoying the theme. It took me a while to get it though, i got 20A first and still wasn’t quite sure where it was going, but then cemented it with 24A. I’ve done about half so far. Am struggling with 2D!

  10. DeAdly DA this week…the closest I’ve come to admitting defeat in a long time. Some real doozies. IA and 13D pretty clever (more Roman numerals).2D a good one too , those short clues are always tough. One of the hardest for some time, I reckon.

  11. Am stuck explaining 13d (don’t get the cryptic), 16d (don’t get the literal part, oblique?), and first word of 11a

    re 2d: if it is what we all seem to think it is, i think there is a definite mistake in the clue re word order

    re 9a: if i have the answer and the reasoning right for this, then the “or” is just functioning to improve the surface reading. have i made a mistake or is “or” allowable to add to merely improve surface reading? i don’t think i’ve seen it do that before

  12. For 16D, look up why the marathon is called a marathon.

    11A: just consult a good dictionary

    2D: seems to a definite mistake in the word order

    9A: I’m happy to let slide the odd minor word like that

  13. I still have some of the southwest corner to go, but I also don’t get the connection between the answer to 16D and the marathon, beyond simply the Greek thing.

    Anyone else have a problem with the wording of 20A (…lands in…)?

  14. Re 16d: It is just the Greek thing. Like the clues that say “No in Paris” (giving the letters NON) or “Deceived a number in Salzberg” (LIED).

  15. Ok, Greek characters.

    L and S: cheeky.

    Thanks folks. Now, back to the southwest…

  16. A slip of the key, a syntax sin, a faux-clue – you’re right. 2D needs a reshuffle. My apologies for that smelly red herring. An early nominee for Bullshit of the Week.

  17. Aughh! Saturday ruined, don’t want a similar outcome on Sunday. Can someone give a spoiler – somewhere else, if this isn’t the right place. The theme eludes me completely

  18. SM): I thought it was a cracker of a theme, especially given events this weekend in Sydney …

  19. Was LandS in a couple of weeks ago?

    DA, come clean. I bet you are reading this blog and deliberately recycling tricks.

    Will be expecting a faux clue in coming weeks.

    And please tell me 12A isn’t the 1950s TV/nightclub entertainer of which I’m currently thinking?!? The person with whom I hold hands says that is way to obscure.

  20. TT: I’d never heard of 25A. i had to solve the cryptic clue and look up what i though the answer was. But i find 12A far from obscure, even though i’m of a different generation. He was in grease before i was born. but i’ve certainly heard of your show of shows, despite having never seen a minute of it

  21. MF

    Agree on 12A. Me and the cheese were just discussing 12A and concluded that he’s not so obscure after all.

    25A slays ’em in the aisles. Cutting edge, n’est pas?

  22. Can someone please explain Tony = High Class? Is it Tony award?
    Also, can I be a pedant and correct AS in naming the theme as funny people, it should just be funny men. No Dawn French, Jane Turner, Lily Tomlin etc.

  23. 11a: I would have spelt it “toney”, but Chambers lists it under both spellings as meaning high class, or fashionable. As in having the quality of tone.

  24. Phew! I found this week’s puzzle heavy going. And maybe partly because of that I didn’t think it was up to DA’s usual standard. Sorry to be a grouch(o)! Some of the comedians were unknown to me (Tim Allen, Tripod) or nearly so (Dawson, Caesar). Indeed, when I google “Allen comedian”, google helpfully suggests ten different Allens, none of whom is Tim. (Or Dave. Or Woody!) Then when I hit enter, another five different Allens pop up. This time, Dave’s there, but still no Tim or Woody. (Woody at last makes an appearance on the next page).

    The faux pas in 2D (I did think of “foe” but not “faux”, as I was looking for a 4-letter rival) and the mathematical error in 24A didn’t help my grouchiness.

    On the plus side, I thought 13D sullenness, 16D epsilons, and 20A HG Nelson were pretty good clues. And I would have nominated 9A Tripod too if I’d heard of them.

    Until I started getting some of the across clues in the SE corner, I was convinced 18D was layabout (the other yobbo being lout). Did anyone else go up this blind alley?

  25. Only got half this week. The right half for some reason. looking at the comments now.

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