The Nasty Ridiculous (from 9/10th of October)

9 across: Karrie Webb’s home-stay rudely cut (3)

Really? Karrie Webb’s home town? In Queensland, and a small one at that?

This one made me bitter. Very bitter indeed.

For the record: stay rudely cut = stay rudely cut = Ayr = Karrie Webb’s home.

3 thoughts on “The Nasty Ridiculous (from 9/10th of October)

  1. Yep, it is a well-hidden clue, but having Karrie Webb’s home town as the direct clue is quite nasty and detracts from how well crafted the clue is.

    Really, who’s heard of Ayr?

  2. I have! But I thought it was in Scotland! I had to google Karrie Webb to confirm her home town was indeed Ayr. (And in the process learned more about her sexuality than I needed to know!)

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