The Confusion (from the 2nd/3rd of October)

22 across: Laggards in prank keen to throw trash into Law Faculty? (4-3)

Hail to cross clues because I’m still not any closer to deciphering this one now that I know the answer.

26 across: Heartless cad sounds crook (5)

Looks like something is getting its middle letter ripped out of it, but what that something is eludes me.

21 across: Setter is crazy to retreat, grabbing spades for disaster (7)

This might be one of the best clues ever written. Problem: I can’t quite explain it.

17 down: Cheek sag? (8)

Not sure how sag has anything to do with the answer.

14 thoughts on “The Confusion (from the 2nd/3rd of October)

  1. 22 across: Basically you’re grabbing the last letter (laggards) from the clue:

    Laggards in pran[k] kee[n] t[o] thro[w] tras[h] int[o] la[w] = know how = facility.

    Agree completely with your other confusions – but would like to also add 18a and 6d to the mix…

  2. A Ha!

    21 Across: Setter is crazy to retreat, grabbing spades for disaster (7)

    Setter is crazy = I’m a nut. To retreat = tunami. Grabbing spades [s] = tsunami.

    Don’t know if I like or not.

  3. Thanks for that Timbo — can’t believe I failed to see the answer!

    I had a slightly differnet but incomplete explanation for 21 across, which is NUTS AM I = Setter is crazy, and then somehow that turns into TSUNAMI.

    18 across is one of my favourites. A letterman is a POSTIE, but the capital letter I’m guessing got you thinking of the talk show host, as it did for me.

    On 6 down: CAN = TIN, Old PM = KEATING, and then swap A MODEL (A and T) by RIGHT = R.

  4. 22A: Heartless cad sounds crook

    “Heartless cad” = CD
    CD “sounds” = SEE DEE
    “crook” = SEEDY

  5. AS, i think !8A also works if you consider letterman as david. he is a host. an intro of oneself in a certain context could be “I he”, and affected can mean to affect an accent, say an eastenders one, so “I ‘e”, hence hostie

    Though having read your answer, it seems much better

  6. I’m with AS. I too was barking up the David Letterman as host tree, but trying to shoehorm IE into a sort of affected introduction just doesn’t work

  7. Thanks ML — that’s dastardly good.

    Anyone have a complete explanation for 21 across, though?

    The GRABBING SPADES doesn’t quite make sense in either mine or Timbo’s explanation (no offence, Timbo).

  8. I thought “grabbing spades” is fine, as S is probably the notation for spades in bridge, 500 etc (as opposed to Clubs, Hearts and Diamonds).

  9. Re 21A: Agree with Rob. Spades as a card suit is S. So “grabbing spades” = holding S.

  10. Bugger. Failed to get 4d, 5d, 6d, due to a misinterpretation of 10a to be Numismacy (which, admittedly, RC and I were unable to reconcile how mismc=price (should have known!) – a word that, although it wasn’t on this crossword, is probably worth sticking in your lexical pipe for smoking later on.

    Love the to PC Lass clue! RC, you were right all along on this one.

  11. Yeah, my obsession with 10a being numismacy was indeed our downfall. Oh well, at least we got the answers down to well under 35c each this week!

    Oh and all the Trippers out there struggling with the asynchronicity of the southern states, spare a thought for your Territorian comrades, who dont get the sat Age until Sunday, and dont get the SMH at all! I went into the Katherine newsagents on Sat only to be told “Sorry Love, we’re always a day behind on the international papers”. (!!!)

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