DA from the 25/26th of September

The SMH and The Age continue to be out of whack! DS is still appearing in Friday’s Age newspaper, and I’m assuming that, as with last week, DA takes centre stage on Friday in the SMH.

How long will the papers be unsychronised?

Come what may, feel free to comment here.

Update: And here it is:

anagrams a plenty for DA

I was disappointed that DA didn’t appear on Friday in Melbourne because I knew I wouldn’t have too much time to do the crossword with the grand final festivities on Saturday. Nonetheless, I got most of it out rather quickly and easily (the letters that are slanted above required Monday Age assistance). The general consensus seems to be that this one was tough, but I found it reasonably easy, mostly because there were so many anagrams in this crossword, which is unlike a customary DA, and the answers left blank were more a result of general knowledge deficiencies rather than anything else.

Did anyone else notice an error, though?

14 thoughts on “DA from the 25/26th of September

  1. Dear DA Trippers.

    Just in case you were not aware, DA, as well as all other SMH/Age crosswords, are discussed at the Australian Crossword Club website:


    Yes – We got DA this morning.


  2. Wow! DA got DeAdly this week. I’m thinking especially 1A, 26A,22a and 2D.Pretty devious stuff.17A and 22a were quite amusing too.

  3. 17a has an extra pointer (deliberate??), “greenback” also being a variety of turtle.

    I liked 16a, particularly the 2nd half of the clue. Very parochial. Noice. Also 8d is neat and it’s always good to see DA acknowledge his evil mischievousness (14d).

    Learned some new words, and some new facts about he world – always a plus.

  4. Spent the week in Sydney, so was able to catch the DA on Friday in the SMH. Why don’t we get the DA quick in Melbourne? It’s refreshingly fun to do(for a quick crossword).
    I’m only stuck on 1A, 22A and 2D, but I’ll keep plugging away, and hopefully get them before all is revealed.

  5. Has someone upset DA? He seems to be seeking revenge this week!

    I have two queries:
    26A: It seems the answer is MERE. But how does “combine gout” work?
    16D: The wordplay leads to YEAH YEAH. Is “stranded” a reference to Warnie’s new thatch? Where does “crowing” fit in?

  6. Re 26a: Read gout as G out, telling you to subtract G from MERGE. Nasty.
    Re 16d: Think about the Advanced Hair jingle (that one took me some research!)

  7. Thanks Ian. Re 26A, I did manage to work out the “merge” with “g” out, when I woke up this morning. Must have ben working on it overnight! The things DA does to you! As for 16D, the Advanced Hair jingle is unknown to me. I try to mentally block out all advertising, and it seems to be working!

  8. Thanks JG for your advice, but I still don’t get it. Am I missing something basic? Is’dash’ morse for En, and if so how does the clue help. Should it be 3,3, End Ash instead of 2,4 En dash? Enlighten me please.

    Interestingly, I had never come across the term ‘peacenik’ until reading about Obama’s mother in the Sunday Age.

  9. In typography, – is an en dash, because it is the width of an n. The m dash is —.

  10. Re 16D: I’m still unsure about the significance of “crowed about”. Is it merely a (weak) general reference to the nature of advertising itself i.e. “crowed” meaning “boasted”?

    Re 1A: En and em should be well known if you play Scrabble. I’d not heard of “en dash” but I figured it out eventually, and when you Google it, all becomes clear:

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