Want to Make a General Comment? Any Cryptic Confusions Not Covered? (18th/19th September)

At the time of writing, the original post concerning last week’s crossword has 45 comments that have a number of themes runnning through them, all of which makes following the discussion as confusing as a DA cryptic can often be.

So here’s a reset post, where anyone can comment on the crossword itself or their confusions regarding its clues (I would have some if I had done last week’s crossword) and people should be able to follow what’s going on.

6 thoughts on “Want to Make a General Comment? Any Cryptic Confusions Not Covered? (18th/19th September)

  1. I used to do the DA crossword in The Age, but I’ve switched to doing it in the SMH for the symmetry of having DA cryptic and quick on the same grid. This week I was very pleased to see a cheeky Quick clue, one with some DA personality shining through:

    15d Bombay duck, lead pencil or koala bear (8)

    More of these and I’m sure even die-hard quickers can be turned onto the cryptic path.

  2. Thanks, RB. I wasn’t aware of the dude = “dandy” meaning, but my dictionary confirms it, along with the meaning of “any person”, and “ranch-visiting city-dweller”.

  3. RB, I’m OK with marathon effort = stamina because I think of the effort required in a marathon being stamina.

    A bit dodge, but I’m happy to let it slip.

  4. I agree effort and stamina are closely related but not closely enough for this pedant. As I said in another post, stamina is what you need to be able to run a marathon (or put in a marathon effort) but it is not the same thing as the effort itself. Stamina is a personal quality you have; effort is something you must do or put in.

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