A DA for the 12th of September

Are we used to the Saturday DA yet?

I know I completely forgot and bought the paper yesterday thinking I’d get my DA.

Anyway, feel free to discuss.

Update: A busy week full of other things meant I couldn’t devote as much time as I would like to DA, and so I cheated to expedite the process of getting the answers out.

DA wench

Some clues seemed divine, others a little dodgy indeed, but, overall, quite a devilish, delightful example of a crossword.

28 thoughts on “A DA for the 12th of September

  1. I think DA has raised the ante a bit. This week’s is a class act . Hard to pick the best but in my view gold candidates would be :1D , 6D , 8D , 15D , and 20D. Great stuff DA!

  2. Well, I was slightly disappointed. But maybe that’s because my expectations were too high! Sure there were some nicely constructed clues, but chuckles were scarce. My favourite was 8D. Quite a few terms and meanings that were new to me, but that’s what Google’s for.

    Not sure if I’ve got 4D correct. Is it spit?

  3. 8D and 15D my favourites for the week. Still not sure about 16A (or how to fully explain 1D and 20D)

  4. 4D: A clue which involved “big” bins and “mini” skips might have worked well.

    11A: Best with mustard, onions and a swish of tobasco.

  5. 16A: “thrown” = cast, which sounds like KARST, which is a kind of rock formation.

    20D: “Fairly small” = MINOR less the R = MINO. “Fever skittling A” = AGUE – A = GUE. MINO + GUE = MINOGUE, “popstar”.

  6. JG, thanks for 4D SKIP. It makes sense now. And I agree 13D and 11A were good.

    LJ, I think 1D goes like this:
    Medieval barmaid=WENCH
    beer=NEW (a Toohey’s beer that DA has used before. Maybe it’s his “tipple”)
    switched beer=WEN
    taps=CH (Cold, Hot)

  7. RB, Thanks I had 1D but for the life of me could’nt work out the beer taps part.

  8. can someone help me with a couple of clues?

    7D: i assume it’s oar=propeller, but is that also a homophone of some bovine word?

    18D: i assume its reuters, constructed from neuters, but i can’t quite follow the logic of the clue, “presiding according”??

  9. Thanks for the clarification of 16A. I erroneously had KARAT (diamond/stone etc) which “in speech” sounds like CARET, which is the copyediting symbol for material to be added, ie “thrown in”. The American spelling of karat for carat should have alerted me I was on the wrong track…

  10. MF

    18D: “Desexes new leader presiding, according to wire service.”

    I have an issue with that clue, too.

    Regarding your query. There is a comma between “presiding” and “according” so the combination of “leader presiding” seems to me to refer to the first letter/s of N/REUTERS.

    Regarding my query. When NEUTERS becomes REUTERS, is it simply on the basis of “new leader presiding” saying that N should be replaced by any letter? That seems a little ambiguous. Or, is there something in the clue that indicates the replacement letter must specifically be R?

    I reckon “according to” is just to make the clue look newsy, since the phrase “according to wire service” is reasonably common.

  11. I’m still missing 15D, 15A and 28A but haven’t given up yet!

    I don’t fully understand why 3D, 11A, 21A and 24D work. Please to enlighten?

  12. Rob

    3D: Cheer TV host supporting idiotic pap”

    “TV host” = ROVE
    “idiotic pap” = APP
    ROVE “supporting” APP = APPROVE, to “cheer”

  13. 11A: “Frank to ski acrobatically”

    “Frank” = HOTDOG
    To “ski acrobatically” is to HOTDOG

    They both sound pretty damn American to me, although both are now reasonably common here in Straya.

    (You shouldn’t let any American spellings throw you off, DA uses them.)

  14. 21A: Red egg slice dipped in Aussie rum”

    “egg” = URGE
    “egg sliced” = URG
    “Aussie rum” = BUNDY
    URG “dipped” in BUNDY = BURGUNDY, a style of “red” (wine).

  15. 24D: “Small 30cm screen”

    “Small” = S
    “30cm” = 1 foot = IFT
    “screen” = SIFT

  16. 19: Silver iodide is straightforward but how do we get”potentially in new business drawer”?

  17. Thanks TT, I APPLAUD your APPROVE (see where I went astray). I’d like to see APPLAUD get the DA treatment, what with the laud /applaud synonymy.

    I usually can see EGG clued from “urge”, but I’m blind to it the other way around apparently.

  18. I think someone who draws in new business is a ………. (tho’ wouldn’t have known this, but for Boston Legal).

  19. Re 19A RAINMAKER: This was a new meaning for me too – I got it via Google (of course): http://www.investorglossary.com/rainmaker.htm
    BTW, Bill, I think “potentially” belongs to the preceding (not the following) words. That is, Silver iodide is a potential rainmaker.

    Re 3D APPROVE: Like Rob, I initially had APPLAUD but couldn’t find a suitable TV host! I have an issue with this clue: I can’t accept “cheer” as a synonym for “approve”, and I can’t see any reason for using such a poor synonym.

    18D REUTERS: TT asked “is there something in the clue that indicates the replacement letter must specifically be R?”. Well, if there is, I can’t see it. But I’ve seen a few of these “non-specific” replacements recently. I’m OK with this type of clue as long as it’s only one letter we’re expected to replace and we know which letter is to be replaced (as we did here).

    24D SIFT is another one I’ll take issue with. 1ft is not exactly equal to 30cm. It’s approx 30.5cm. I believe a greater degree of accuracy is required for numerical clues.

  20. That last sentence reads as if it’s a rule handed down from an authoritative source. Unfortunately, I don’t know of such a rule. It is just my opinion.

    Now for a couple of homophone issues. In 7D “cow” (used as a verb) leads to “awe”, so “discussed cow” leads to awe’s supposed homophone “oar”. Now, I know that, for some folk (maybe the majority?), this homophone is fine. But for me and everybody from t’north of England (and maybe other places as well?) “awe” sounds nothing like “oar”. The vowel sound is different. We had the same homophone issue a few months back with “law” and “lore”. Are there any other DA trippers out there for whom awe and oar are not homophones?

    The other homophone that t’folks from t’north of England would dispute is cast/karst in 16A. I’m definitely fighting a losing battle with this one, I know, but I’m determined to record it as a contentious homophone, at least for some!

  21. On missing letters (eg 18D), what happened to the U in 6D? RUBBISH = MUCK, and SUCH A TURNOUT = SCH?
    I agree with RB that APPROVE is crook, but I reckon AWE and OAR are homophones, as are CAST and KARST. But it is a contentious area: eg, I have heard Newcastle pronounced “New cassell”.

  22. In 6D, “such a turnout” becomes SCH because “u” (as in U-turn) is outed.

  23. Well, that’s settled one question then. I seem to be in splendid isolation with my pronunciations of oar/awe and cast/karst. Am I really t’only person from t’north of England on this blog?

  24. Have won the fight with the SMH and DA has been restored to Friday’s edition and the competition crowword to the Saturday!

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