The Media Watch DA Gold (from 29th August)

27 across: M-males asleep, say? (7)

Fantastic two-step deciphering of asleep: m-males asleep = m-men in cot = comment = say.

11 across: Iced treat swamps carnival’s last safe ride, supposedly (5)

Very cute direct and indirect clue: iced treat swamps carnival’s last = vovo swamps l = volvo = safe ride, supposedly.

6 down: A-la running shoes, spiked? (5)

RC and I missed it, but it’s a goodie: a-la running shoes = laced = spiked.

19 down: Vocally condemn reduced volume (3)

A DA trademark: a clue whose sentence meaning makes you miss the polysemy of the words therein: reduced volume = book – k = boo = vocally condemn.

22 down: Conflict close to brawl, disrupting what 5-down (Media Watch) linked to 27 across (comment)? (5)

It’s easy, but it’s a very neat reference to what is perhaps Media Watch’s finest hour: close to brawl, disrupting what Media Watch linked to comment = l disrupting cash = clash = conflict.

19 across: Mimic Beckham finale in part? (4, 2)

Another easy one, but it’s too cute to not note:  finale in part = end in bit = bend it = mimic Beckham.

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