The Gold of the 21st of August

2 down: It helps to erect vicarage minus church involvement? (6)

Yet another cheeky direct clue, with a ridiculously good anagram formation: vicarage minus church involvement = via grace minus ce involvement = via grace – ce = viagra = it helps to erect.

16 down: Cryptic end of idle boozer — idle with a capital I (8)

Very clever double use of idle: end of idle boozer — idle with a capital I = e + sot + Eric = esoteric = cryptic.

3 down: Made calls for redhead, roughly (4, 6)

I love a good piece of slang in my crossword: redhead, roughly = ranga + round = rang around = made calls.

27 across: Style of cold welcome, rejecting twit (7)

And here’s another bit of slang: cold welcome, rejecting twit = c + hi + rejecting nong = chignon = style.

20 down: Handy in ideal zoological division (6)

I thought this was a mistake before I realised the genuis: handy in ideal = h and y in plum = phylum = zoological division.

5 down: So-called goof accepts alien flag (4, 5)

Nice aural indicator and clue combination: so-called goof accepts alien = so-called blooper accepts et = blueper accepts et = blue peter = flag.

13 down: Torture those who once rated us civilly? (10)

You repeat a word enough, and sometimes it reveals hidden meanings, much like the answer to this one did when I was asking RC how it could be explained: those who once rated us civilly = water board (they issued us with rates) = waterboard = torture.

3 thoughts on “The Gold of the 21st of August

  1. I thought 2D VIAGRA was absolutely brilliant! A beautifully worded clue. Did anyone else notice that “viagra” was also one of the answers in Monday’s Age cryptic crossword (with a much more pedestrian clue)?

    I know “Snow boarders” attracted a bit of controversy, but I reckon clueing the seven dwarves as snowboarders was just brilliant (and worthy of gold).

    And another stroke of DA genius was 13D WATERBOARD. I only got the answer because I had all the crossing letters, and at first I didn’t understand the “those who once rated us civilly” bit (I was even contemplating the idea that “us” could be “US” as in the USA). But, once the penny dropped, the clue just got better and better. It thoroughly deserves gold.

  2. I’ve just seen you have indeed accorded 18A SEVEN DWARVES gold status, albeit along with nasty status as well! Another tricky/nasty thing about this clue was the use of “by drop” to indicate removal of “x” so that “wax by drop” became “wa”.

  3. 18A definitely needed a post of its own — it’s perhaps the most commented on of all DA’s clues, with perhaps HOVERED running a close second.

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