A Rarity: A DA Error (from the 23rd of August)

15 across: Prize awarded in or about the late 1930s (9)

The clue is supposed to work prize awarded in = edwardian = about the late 1930s.

I’m willing to concede the American spelling of prize instead of the Australian prise, but in no way, shape or form are the late 1930s Edwardian.

Clearly a slip up, and one that happily happens only rarely.

5 thoughts on “A Rarity: A DA Error (from the 23rd of August)

  1. I just assumed that “prize” was the anagram indicator in the sense of an especially valuable outcome. Just about anything can be an anagram indicator so I was happy to accept that one.

  2. There is a way, shape or form that the late 1930’s can be considered Edwardian … Just look up the reign of Edward VIII

  3. Yep, Edward VIII was king from January 1936 to December 1936, but 1936 doesn’t count as late 1930s in my book.

    If the clue had said mid 1930s, I still would have classified it as DA Bullshit simply because less-than-a-year’s reign doesn’t an era make.

  4. There seem to be several DA errors/mysteries here. First he chose the wrong decade. This is unlikely to be a typo since you can’t really denote the first decade of the 20th cent as “1900s” (since this denotes the whole century). And furthermore Edward VII reigned for more or less the whole decade not just the “late” part of it.

    Secondly, if DA really was referring to Edward VIII, surely he would have said mid (not late) 1930s, as has been pointed out above and elsewhere.

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