A Golden Nasty (from the 21st of August)

18 across: Snow boarders, perhaps, sell wax by drop in supplies (5, 7)

Here, we’ve got sell wax by drop in supplies = vend + wax – x + in serves = seven dwarves = Snow boarders.

Now, this one is gold because of the direct clue, which is gloriously oblique.

Nevertheless, it’s exceptionally nasty for the following three reasons:

  1. Snow White was the boarder of the seven dwarves, and in typical language-bending fashion, one could call the seven dwarves boarders because they are doing the boarding, much like a person who is running is called a runner (hat tip to RB for coming up with that interpretation);
  2. Snow is the first word of the clue, so it’s not immediately apparent that the s in Snow is capitalised because of its referring to a person;
  3. although Prince might not need any other name (he was born Prince Rogers Nelson), no one has ever referred to Snow White as Snow.

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