The New South Welsh fight for JUSTICE!!!

DA fans know no borders, and when any of us are wronged, we must all fight until justice is delivered.  This post is to act as the nerve centre, the war room of the NSW fight against moving DA to Saturday.

Imagine having to wait until Saturday, and then having to juggle the demands of the working week with the words of DA in your mind.  Impossible!  I’m not sure exactly how to declare a fatwah, but here goes:

DAKHBAAAAAaaaaa!!  Attack!

Please discuss plans for militant action and diplomatic subversion below.

16 thoughts on “The New South Welsh fight for JUSTICE!!!

  1. As noted elsewhere, the SMH online site on Friday showed the same DA as was in Friday’s hardcopy Age. But, as you’re probably aware, both the SMH and The Age are closing down their online crossword service next Monday 31/8.

    It looks like crossword aficionados are not important to Fairfax. And for how much longer will we Melburnians continue to enjoy DA in Friday’s hardcopy Age?

  2. I get the Age home delivered. If they move DA from Friday then I will immediately cancel my subscription.

  3. Well, they’ve moved it to the weekend paper (available SAT, not Sun) and given DA a branded section (including both crosswords and the wordwit, and a column in a separate part of the paper).

    It’s pretty cool, I guess – and it means you have the whole weekend before you can check answers on Mondays . . . but I too solved it at the office with a friend! our Friday tradition is over.

  4. THanks AS, I’m sure the initial reports were for Sunday. It appears I may have issued a less-than-well-informed fatwah.

  5. I received a reply to my letter of complaint:
    “David Astle’s crosswords now appear in Saturday’s The Sydney Morning Herald, not The Sun-Herald.
    Your interest in Herald Publications is appreciated and has provided us with valuable feedback.”

  6. Uh-oh. “Ubiquitous interjection or expression of dismay in the English language” according to Wikipedia.

    A glance at this morning’s cryptic in “The Age” indicates that Meburnians are following Sydneysiders into a brave new world, with DS doing the cryptic honours today.

    I expect DA will be in the Sat edition tomorrow…??

  7. Hi everyone, longtime reader, first time writer..
    The movement of DA to Saturday has caused me a problem
    Being a longterm DA wrestler, it is a key part of the week, and generally the only cryptic I tend to do per week
    However, I don’t buy the Saturday Age (I have an issue with the amount of paper it consumes when weighed against how much I actually read of it) and I will continue to refuse to buy it going forward
    But with the online DA no longer available at the Fairfax, I don’t know what to do
    Am I compelled to buy kilos of wasted paper to obtain less than 1/4 of a page.
    Does anyone have any thoughts?

    For the record, two of my more memorable DAs of recent years – the ‘My favourite Things’ edition and the snooker one (oh, and the V one recently)

    Thanks for a great site

  8. I’m in the same position. I refuse to buy Saturday’s Age on environmental grounds, and I’m thwarted by the Fairfax decision to cease online crosswords. I’ve taken to doing a spot of photocopying at the local library on Saturdays.

  9. If you go to your local milk bar in the afternoon, there’s a good chance you’ll find an untaken Saturday Extra that you can grab for free.

    It’s worth a shot.

    I would publish a blank DA on this blog, but I’m pretty sure I’d be infringing some kind of copyright law.

  10. I know he has fans out there, but DA has ruined my Saturday crossword experience. A few of us used to get together to solve what DS answers we didn’t have.
    Now we try to figure why the answers are what they are. Nearly ready to give up, but will give it a few more weeks.

    Bring back DS to Saturday!!

  11. Hi Maria. Not sure what your problem is. The only way your situation has changed is that you now get your DS a day early and you now have the solutions available to you on Saturday rather than having to wait till Monday. To maintain your Saturday crossword experience, don’t look at the crossword until Saturday, and don’t look at the solutions till Monday. Doesn’t seem like a huge problem to me.

    For DA fans, the problems seem to be more serious. Firstly, it seems some used to share a Friday crossword experience with workmates. This is now impossible. Maybe it can be postponed till Monday, but not having the weekend to mull over any tricky clues and being hopelessly behind with this DA blog are probably too high a price to pay. Secondly, some with environmental concerns baulk at the idea of buying the Saturday Age (is the Saturday SMH similarly bloated?)

  12. Hi RB.

    Thankyou for the advice, unfortunately I only get the weekend papers.

    Although I am happy to say that I have just received an email from Readerlink at SMH saying that DS is now coming back to Saturday and that the feedback they have had has been overwhelming.

  13. I did forget to mention, that DA will be going back to Fridays, so I guess we will all be happy. :)

  14. Ah, I see your (ex-)problem now. As you say, we should all be happy now. If swapping DS and DA can generate this much heat, whatever will we all do when a real crisis hits?

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