A Mistake in EP?

In yesterday’s EP, there was the following clue:

23 across: Discussion about Pluto’s route (9)

The answer, as far as I could work it out, is pluto’s route = di’s course = discourse = discussion.

The problem I have is that I can’t think of any connection between pluto and di. Is there one? Or did EP make the mistake of thinking Diana, who is the goddess of the moon, is the goddess of Pluto?

4 thoughts on “A Mistake in EP?

  1. It’s not a mistake, I’ve seen Pluto = Di before, but I cant explain it, and neither can an initial google. I got 23 across as I remembered puzzling over Pluto = Di with my uncle, BC, a few months ago. Can anyone out there help?

  2. No not a mistake. Think Dis not Di. Trust me, there is a Greek god “Dis” the equivalent of Pluto the god of wealth.

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