The Resurrection of the Teachings (for the 7th of August)

DA Teachings is hereby resurrected because of a reference to an ancient myth that demands to be remembered.

3 down: Keenly watching defended case about fine (5-4)

Having never heard of argus-eyed, the cryptic troupe vaingloriously inked in eagle-eyed as the answer while supposing the lack of an explanation had more than likely something to do with DA’s legendary legedermain. A quick squizz at Saturday’s Age after progress came to a stand still revealed our mistake.

Recourse to the iPhone revealed that argus-eyed does indeed mean keenly watching (it’s not the neatest grammatically — the clue should read keenly sighted defended case about fine in my book), and that Argus was a giant possessed of 100 eyes, all of which were engaged with the task of guarding the heifer Io, all of which were later transferred to the peacock’s tail after the giant they belonged to had passed away.

1 across: Offshore sea angers wild sea-duck (9)

Incorrect answers to cross clues prevented us from answering this one, but I thought I should note the special history of merganser here even though I already knew the meaning of the word. In a cryptic crossword from many moons ago, maybe even a DA, I stumbled across merganser as an answer and was duly informed of what it was. My advice: take care to remember merganser, for it will surely reappear in many a crossword to come; just like tango, eerie and rumba, there are too many handy letters for a crossword compiler to ignore this specimen of sea-duck.

3 thoughts on “The Resurrection of the Teachings (for the 7th of August)

  1. We are RL, AG, FT and MS. Working together in a Sydney office, we too enjoy the mixed blessings of a DA on Friday.

    As we were trying to reverse engineer one of his answers today (because you have to hate it when you get it right but can’t see why, don’t you?) one of us, I think it was Andy, wondered whether there was a DA group online discussing exactly the same thing.

    And here you are!

    We’ve bookmarked your blog, if you don’t mind, and may visit again next week.

    (As of midday we only had 1ac and 2dn to go, but we do put in a collective effort – do you all work alone and compare later?)

  2. ps – just got the last two – we’ve decided 2 down was much too Victorian a saying for the SMH – maybe suits you Melbournites better.


  3. It’s good to hear that the weekly DA is an office staple — each time I’ve tried to get people in the office doing cryptics with me, I’ve been thought a loon!

    But definitely come back, and feel free to request an explanation for an answer to a clue. Usually by Monday everyone has had a crack at it (I usually start attempting it on Saturday or Sunday with a couple of mates over coffee) and is lauding something, perplexed by something else, and, ever so rarely, calling DA to account for a shoddy clue.

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