31st of July DA

RC and I got together at Il Fornaio this morning to do the DA for the first time in a long time on the day of its release!

We spent a good two hours or so having a crack, with some very nice clues to amuse us, but we couldn’t work out quite a few of the clues.

Anyway, here’s what we’ve got:

DA hadlee

12 thoughts on “31st of July DA

  1. another very entertaining puzzler from DA this week.Highlights include 5ac, 7d &16d. 17d. The link between 1ac and 19dn was cute.

  2. Blitzed through today’s, but I guessed on three, which I will try to hint at without actually writing my potential answers.

    12A: An electronic communique?

    24A: In? Not out?

    26A: Thing-ummy-bob? The only word I can think of that will fit, although it’s not an anagram of gnarly “adored”.


    11: How does the second T work?

    15A: I know what the answer is, but have we had it recently?

    As a sporty bloke, I liked 5A, 1D. You might also be surprised to know that 17D is sorta-sporty. My grandmother was a member of Keith Dunstan’s Anti-Football League and had a badge that read “Ban the 17D”.

  3. re 11d: fool = “twit” starting =”t” late gives “witt” on intelligence = “gen” by mug = “stein” gives Wittgenstein the philosopher.
    I didn’t have a 15a. However 15d is “castle ran ” relay (cue for anagram) gives “ancestral”.
    24a was clever:”understood “skin” gives (f)athome(d) =familiar or at home

  4. 11D

    TWIT -> WITT is good. I mistook it for “fool” = WIT and “starting late” somehow supplying the extra T.

  5. The gnarly tree wood be deodar. A cedar native to the Himalaya. But what is with the electronic communique ’cause that’s what I wrote in but it would seem to imply that a frequent flyer was ’em’ but maybe I am just wrong.

  6. I ran into similar issues as you and RC, and ended up looking up answers for 12A, 11D, 17D, and 26A. It appears that the frequent flyer is ET …

  7. A bit unsatisfactory (cause I didn’t get it) e-tail, or infact eTail seem to get many googles. Not in the latest shorter OED though e-tailing does get a mention in the most recent MacQuarie. I haven’t seen the movie so is ET a frequent flyer or just one long flyer.

  8. Late start this week and my sporting ignorance meant I had to google Hadlee and Cobb. But I still don’t quite understand what the pickle in 6D is.

  9. HS, the pickle is DA cleverly leading you down the wrong track.

    or got into a pickle = or + ate

    “Got into” is what DA is using for “ate”, and because a pickle can mean so many things, well, it takes a while to realise he’s just meaning any ordinary foodstuff.

  10. Thanks AS.
    I thought that was probably the way it worked but I was actually hoping there was some other clever hidden meaning. It seemed so unlike DA to give us the ‘or’ as part of the clue.

  11. Sorry I’m late. Just got back from a holiday. I think my brain was on holiday too – it took me ages to finish this one off. Not having a dictionary or google available, I couldn’t get 26A (deodar), and I had 12A wrongly as “email”. Never heard of “etail” till just now. Not seen the movie – how does ET=frequent flyer? Does ET fly a lot? TT, I agree – I think we had OLIVE DRAB a few months ago.

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