3 thoughts on “DA Confusions from the 10th of July

  1. I’ll go first.

    I like this DA a lot, despite only getting half of it out. Many very, very clever and delightful clues.

    I’m still not sure about 3,22D though. I understand the wordplay but where’s the def?

  2. Groan. Now I see it myself.

    3, 22 Down: With it, is muck covering hands beforehand? (6,6)

    is=is, muck=compost, hands=men.
    So ‘muck covering hands’=composMENt & ‘is muck covering hands beforehand’=compos MENtIS=’having mental faculties intact’=’with it’.

    Fiendishly misleading direct clue!

  3. Yes, despite the direct clue being right there at the beginning, it was beautifully camouflaged.

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