Discombobulations from the 3rd of July

The big mystery, the lab supplies clue, 9-across, has already been settled in the comment, and in my mind, it’s DA just being nasty. Now to the rest of my confusions:

20 down: Hurt, hearing rock in record (9)

The only way I get close to explaining this is to think record = cd and suppose that somehow hearing rock = hagrine. Am I accidentally correct?

3 down: Like rainbows — or one band — embodying speed of light (5)

I get like rainbows = arced and I get speed of light = c, but I’m not sure why one band = ared or one band = a red.

10 across: Harmonious lady radical concealed her spots (7)

I understand this one completely: lady radical concealed her spots = lady radical – ad – ad = lyrical = harmonious. The question: why are the two instances of ad considered the ‘spots’ to be removed?

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  1. I don’t get 9A, OVA. Star = nova, so top star = ova, but ‘Lab supplies’ = ‘ova’???!!! – or have I got it completely wrong?
    Can someone explain 30A, please.

  2. 9A: Bit tenuous, like most of DA. My take on it this is:
    ova = pl. of ovum = female reproductive cell (used in laboratories).

    30A: Bank = RELY
    Bank foreclosing = REL
    warrant = EARN
    to brush up = RELEARN

  3. I’m not sure whether I’ve correctly nailed 23D.
    A job = A POST
    sector = LEG (this is the bit I’m not sure about – if I’m right, it’s one of several dodgy synonyms, IMO)
    sector docked = LE
    Trinity rep = APOSTLE

  4. RB – yes, a sector of a flight, for example, is often referred to as a leg.

    I wasn’t 100% happy about OVA but if it’s a medical lab then fair enough.

  5. Thanks, haiku. I’m familiar with the term “leg” for part of a journey, or part of a relay race on the track etc. But until you jogged my memory banks, I’d forgotten that “sector” is used for a leg of a journey by air. I couldn’t find that meaning of “sector” in my Shorter Oxford, nor by googling. But now that I’ve just googled “flight sector”, I find it! Trust the aviation industry to use an upmarket term like “sector” – so much more impressive than the downmarket “leg”!

  6. 3D: One band of a rainbow (Roy G. Biv) would be red. So your explanation above is correct.

    20D: Yes, you are correct! You have to “rock” the letters of hearing to get HAGRINE, then put them inside a CD.

  7. 20D: I completely missed the anagram marker thinking it was an aural clue! That one was the last I solved, although without explanation.

  8. I thought 15A was a bit confusing.
    Friendship offers a hand? Almost unknown (5)
    I assume the answer is “amity” = friendship, with
    a = A; hand (mitt) almost = MIT; unknown = Y.
    The “Y” bothers me …. “Y” for unknown as in algebra?
    Or an unkeyed homonym for “why”?

    (My early guesses revolved around “anonymity” minus the “nony” :-)


  9. I had the algebraic “y” for the explanation, but I quite like the “why?” angle. It would need an audio pointer, though …

    How about, as an alternative clue: French pal hears of union mateship?

  10. re 10A, I reckon ‘ad’ = ‘spot’ as in marketing parlance, ‘a 15 second spot’.
    I find the use of ‘foreclosure’ in 30A very suss.

  11. Agree with explanations above for 20D, 3D, 10A (I think DA has used spot=ad before), 15A (I’ve seen unknown=Y recently too. Will Z be next?)

    Haiku, your clue for 15A is very elegant. (Did you see my query recently on your June 26 ‘Old PM’ suggested clue?)

    30A: JG, it helped me to think of ‘foreclose’ as meaning to close early. I must admit I couldn’t find those exact words in the dictionary, but if you still don’t like it think of it as two words – fore (meaning before or early) and closure.

  12. Now for my whinges:

    5A: The containment indicator ‘in’ is in a very misleading position. But as I write this, I realise that this sort of thing is standard practice!

    10A: Harmonious=lyrical? The definitions I’ve seen for lyrical would suggest that melodious would have been a better clue than harmonious (melody and harmony are different things).

    17A: Sound=realistic wasn’t quite right for me.

    5D: I didn’t like the use of ‘cleft’ to denote the removal of the ‘c’ from ‘changes a’.

  13. ‘unknown’ is often Y or X in English cryptic crosswords. And yes, RB, even Z sometimes.

  14. I’ve crashed back down to earth on this DA, giving up with 7 to go: 17A, 28A, 30A, 33A, 20D, 28D and the infuriating 9A.

    Checking the comments now…

  15. I guessed 17A might be REALISTIC but I was reluctant to put it in without an explanation (other than the def “sound”). Help?

    With the extra letter supplied by the answer to 30D gleaned from the comments (CHAGRINED), I just got 28A (PACER), so all I need help with now are the answers & explanations to 28D & 33A. Please?

  16. 17A is a very-well-hidden anagram clue: loaded (anagram indicator) article is = realistic = sound.

    28D: dropped edges off = spilt – st, gold = au and dropped edges off gold = pilau = dish (as in a dish of food)

    33A: very nice use of the word bags here so that old = dated, a Parisian = un and old bags a Parisian = daunted = put off.

  17. Thanks for those, AS. All very fine clues but just a little too good for me this week. Roll on tomorrow!

    My moment of glory was getting 26A. Quite a number of DA Gold contenders this week I think, but 26A is my suggestion. I set the bar pretty high for a simple anagram but this one is so awesome.

  18. This was one of my favourite non-themed DA crosswords, although by the sounds of things, I might be alone with that sentiment.

    Then again, maybe I appreciated the crossword more because it was the first one I had attempted in a long while.

    And I’m going to include both 26A and 17A, two completely anagrammatic clues!, as part of the Gold.

  19. Actually, more than just two anagram clues were included in the Gold.

    But I just noticed as I was going through the crossword that I don’t understand 14 down: Stone (on TV) the high priest (3).

    I assume Stone refers to Oliver Stone, but I can’t get Eli out of that.

  20. Eli was a Biblical Jewish priest.

    I don’t completely get 27D. How does “nurse’ work?

    And welcome back home, AS!

  21. 27D: Agree with you, NC. Sure, “uses any old” contains SANYO; but “Nurse” as an in-dicator is a stretch.

  22. Ah…Thanks, TT. Now I get it.

    I am more used to “nurse” as a containment indicator, when the outside bit “nurses” the inside bit, rather than a hidden word indicator, but from now on I guess I will have to get used to looking at it both ways.

  23. Thanks, ML, for “c left” explanation in 5D. I am totally convinced now. Prior to your explanation, I was going by the meaning of “cleft” as “split”, and this just wasn’t precise enough for me. But I do like the “c left” reasoning. Very DA-like! Nice one!

  24. I hadn’t realised that the cleft clue was so clever either!

    It’s going into the Gold!

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