DA on the 12th of June

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  1. A couple of mysteries for me:
    26A: I guess this must be NIGHTCLUB but I don’t get the “night” bit. It seems to be clued by “Perhaps Jagger recorded”.

    23D: Is this SNUG? Why?

    And, not being an AFL buff, I need some enlightenment on 24A. I’ve vaguely heard of a KICKING IN DANGER rule, and I see the wordplay (“alive”=KICKING, “top-class”=IND, “fury”=ANGER). So it seems that “AFL free” is the direct definition. I assume that kicking in danger can lead to a free kick, but that doesn’t seem a very good direct definition to me.

    20D would have been a good clue but I wasn’t keen on “rain” = “fall”.

    I thought 19A (INJURING) was a really tough clue, made more difficult by my tardiness in getting 16D (INJECTS), so I lacked the intersecting J.

    I liked 10A (DAINTY), 2D (LARKING), 6D (TUPAC), 13D (VAN WINKLE).

  2. I was busy yesterday (yesterDA?), and out last night, so I only had a quick late night lash at DA for a sum total of four answers.

    As it happens, Haiku was wrong to say I would have blitzed it. Looking at the solutions today there are heaps I couldn’t work out.

    Hopefully it’s not because my faculties have suddenly left me, and instead it’s down to my mother-sneezer of a cold.

    24A: KICKING IN DANGER is indeed an “AFL free”, but how does “top-class” = IND?

    20D: Is “in the canal” supposed to indicate “in the ear canal” so that “rain” sounds like REIGN? Agree that “fall” for “rain” is iffy.

    16D: “Shoots in aircrafts, gripping colt lead” certainly gives INJECTS, but I’m not keen on “aircrafts” plural, and neither is my spell checker.

    19A: I don’t get it, either.

    9A: Nor do I get where PARALLE comes from.

    13D: It’s easy to see how “Transport” = VAN and “shellfish” = WINKLE to satisfy “long sleeper”. But why is there an “on”? Maybe it should be “for”.

    11A: “Graph man offending deer” = PIE CHART. I see “deer” = HART, but unless DA is talking about Collingwood fans, how does “man offending” give PIE C?

  3. 24A: “top” means “take the top off”
    “class” = kind

    20D: Yes, ear canal was my interpretation.

    16D: yes, I thought “aircrafts” a bit iffy, but at least it did help (by indicating plurality).

    19A: This was very tricky. It took me ages! Rin tin tin was a German Shepherd dog featuring in films, TV and radio more than 50 years ago. So if “tintin left dog” this gives “rin”, which when “jailed” (in jug) becomes INJURING.

  4. 9A: “entirely” = ALL
    “thin” = PARE
    “part of” is the containment indicator

    13D: Poetic licence, I reckon! I agree “on” is a bit iffy. But it makes more sense in a literary context, by seeming to make a connection between “transport” and “sleeper”.

    11A: My interpretation is:
    “man”=piece (as in board game)
    “offending” means “off with the ending”, thus leaving PIEC.

  5. And thanks TT for 26A and 23D. When thinking about a homophone for night, I don’t know why “knight” didn’t enter my head. I think it may be because the words “Jagger” and “knight” together seem so incongruous. And SNOG! My only excuse is that the capitals in KISS sent me down the wrong path entirely.

  6. Here is my attempt at an explanation for this week’s DA, using the notation adopted by the Hindu Crossword Corner (see http://thehinducrosswordcorner.blogspot.com/)

    …except for 8D which I don’t get…

    DA June 12, 2009

    1A G{A}{LAP}AG{OS}
    6A TAMIL [T]
    10A DAINTY (-bo)*
    11A {PIECE(-e)}{HART}
    14A S {PA} W N
    15A NAIVE

  7. The “less than”/”left angle bracket” symbol tricked me again. I have put &lt instead…

    DA June 12, 2009

    1A G{A}{LAP}AG{OS}
    6A TAMIL [T]
    10A DAINTY (-bo)*
    11A {PIECE(-e)}{HART}
    14A S {PA} W N
    15A NAIVE&lt–
    17A KAMPUCHEA(-to)*
    19A IN JU{RIN TIN TIN (-tintin)}G
    21A S[T] TRICT (~tricked)
    25A (-st)STEPS ON
    26A NIGHT(~knight)CLUB
    1D GAP ED
    2D LE(-e)AR (switched) KING
    4D GEE K
    6D TUPAC(~two-pack)
    7D MAR SALA&lt–
    8D ???????? LUSITANIA
    14D S{T}U{T}{T}GAR{T}
    16D IN JE{C}TS
    18D HAIR GEL*
    20D REIGN(~rain)
    22D THROB [T]
    23D S{NO&lt–}G

    Here are the abbreviations again:
    * Underlined words – Links to websites
    * Additions – (+)
    * Deletions – (-)
    * Reverse &lt–
    * Hidden/telescopic clues [T]
    * Homonyms – FLEE (~flea)
    * Embedded construction – S{CREW}Y
    * Charades – POT ASH (this is an example)
    * Double Definitions – [2] or [DD]
    * Cryptic Definitions – [CD]
    * Anagram – *

  8. NC: Take the letters of ITALIAN, let them founder, then add US (for American), which gives the direct clue: the English ship LUSITANIA, which was sunk by the Germans in WWI

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