The Bullshit from the 22nd of May

5 down: Hearse, perhaps, switched jobs, creating greenhouse gases (6, 9)

This example of DA Bullshit is most egregious when one considers how much fun emissions should have entailed. Instead, we get the ridiculous hearse = bone car, so that hearse, perhaps, switched = carbone and jobs = missions, which gives hearse, perhaps, switched jobs = carbon emissions = greenhouse gases.

Update: As the comments say, that should be hearse, perhaps = bone car so that hearse, perhaps, switched = carbone is not so egregious a piece of bullshit. I’m still leaving the clue in DA Bullshit, though, mostly because I don’t want to delete this entry and I don’t know where else to put it.

2 thoughts on “The Bullshit from the 22nd of May

  1. I think “hearse, perhaps” = “bonecar”, (ie. “switched” is just switched) and the (6,9) enumeration is enough to guess “carbon emissions” from the definition alone, so the relatively un-guessable wordplay is more than enough to verify the solution.

  2. You’re right, Jon. The explanation above should have read “hearse, perhaps” = bone car. And it was interpreted that way in the original discussion –
    And no doubt it will soon be corrected when AS dons his administrator’s hat!

    But I think some (including me) felt that “hearse, perhaps” = bone car was a bit of a stretch (no jokes about a limo, please). Actually, with the passage of time, my opinion on this has mellowed, and I think it’s harsh to put it in the Bullshit category

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