DA bullshit 27/3

7 down: Fit user buckled in “tacker”? Not half!
So much for the no bullshit call, then. This one definitely deserves a place in the horseshit hall of fame. I got as far as thinking it must have been an anagram of “fit user”, and that was about it – I was thinking that “not half” was the direct clue, and got nowhere. As it transpires, I wouldn’t have got the answer in a month of Sundays (or Fridays, I guess). TT’s summation that this is a “pun in search of a clue” is spot on – &lit. clues are all very well, but not if they’re, well, bullshit. Fit user = KITE SURFER? Um, no.

3 thoughts on “DA bullshit 27/3

  1. I think RB has hit the nail on the head with this one (in Late Early Bird).

    As an &lit clue, the definition is not “fit user”, it is the WHOLE clue i.e. “fit user, not half!” i.e. “*very* fit user + “buckled in” (to the kite surfing contraption) + “tacker” i.e. one who tacks across the water. A kite surfer is apparently all these things.

    I agree the clue is very contrived. I prefer my &lits to be succinct and witty. But in fairness to DA it must be extremely difficult to come up with a novel &lit that has those desirable features.

  2. Oh, no doubt it’s downright difficult to think of ’em. But this one was a bit of a stinker.

  3. I dunno, as a kite surfer and a DA tripper, I actually quite like it.

    Sorry for the low profile and lack of blog assistance, TH, I’m actually pretty damn busy.

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