DA cryptic crossword SMH edition with TC starring

After two hours last week, I had the DA complete. This week, though, after about the same amount of time, I only had a few done and realised I had a challenge on my hands. A Sunday session with TH and RC in the latter’s backyward, however, proved that this crossword was not as intimidating as it appeared to me to be. TH was especially in fine form, and I doubt that a further two hours elapsed before this baby was well and truly put to the sword.

A sidenote: I was in Canberra on Friday so the DA I ripped out of the paper was from the SMH. Annoyingly, the SMH-printed copy of the crossword leaves far less white space to scribble on that I’m accustomed to, and for the first time ever, a pad of paper was pulled out on Sunday for scribbling purposes.

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