DA Controversy

I stumbled upon a humorous blog post about a particularly unusual DA clue.

As is the wont of inferior mortals, the author disparages what he cannot understand.

In the comments, though, a more enlightened reader claimed the following:

I had once read that the hardest ever clue was in The Times (UK) crossword some time way back in the eighties.

Clue: E (13 letters)

Try solving it before reading the comments where the excellent answer and explanation are revealed.

3 thoughts on “DA Controversy

  1. That’s verging on genius. But surely no-one ever got it without a heap of cross clues.

    My all-time favourite (which I may have mentioned before) is:


    Answer here later in case I haven’t bored someone with this already.

  2. Your superior is impressed.

    The thought crosses my mind: could it be I have erred in my hasty assessment of your talents?


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