DA Confusion (from the 2nd of January)

1 down: Power-walking leader rejected current races after start (7)

Looks like the answer should be wattage. Explanation, however, missing.

17 down: Enojy [sic] obscure sport (8)

I can resolve NC’s confoundings with this one: obscure = misty, sport = pe and obscure sport = mistype = enojy [sic].

12 across: Retro French artist almost curses! (4)

So who’s the French artist referred to here which makes the answer egad?

6 thoughts on “DA Confusion (from the 2nd of January)

  1. Thanks for the solutions to 1D and 17D. And the explanation for 17D. That’s cute!

    As you can see from the scanned copy of my DA, I had two guesses at French artists (Matisse and Renoir) before I came up with Degas. But only now do I see a problem here. French artist almost = dega, so retro French artist almost = aged not EGAD (which is an exlamation equivalent to “curses!”). Is this a DA error? Retro has to be a backwards indicator, not simply an anagram indicator in my view, so my answer to the question is “Yes!”.

  2. I’ll wait a week or so and see if there’s some artist were missing, but by the looks of things, yep, it’s an error.

  3. re 1 down; I think this one has a tinge of gold to it . “walking ” leader gives “W” then “current races” is a very DA way of describing a REGATTA – (races on the water). So REGATTA rejected after start ( delete the R) gives ATTAGE tacked on to W gives WATTAGE or power.Very clever DA!

  4. AC has convinced me.

    Yep, I think the almost means that the egad clue can’t be considered an error even though it’s certainly nasty and retro redundant.

  5. AS, you’re too lenient. I have heard (from an authoritative source) that the EGAD clue was indeed an error. And it should be recorded as such!

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