The Lost DA (2nd of January)

I must express with a heart full of sorrow that I have lost the DA cryptic from the 2nd of January.

RC and I got together in his backyard and had a go at it, although we felt somewhat ashamed at our poor efforts after having left about ten clues undone. Soon after, we could hear each other’s groans across the southern suburbs when independently we checked the answers and found we missed blogosphere and dishwasher amongst others.

EC also reported from Katherine that agnus dei is a DA Error: Agnus Dei is Latin for lamb of God and most definitely is not a Christian sect.

If anyone would like to email me a copy of their crossword, I’d gladly put it up.

3 thoughts on “The Lost DA (2nd of January)

  1. I have also mislaid the 2nd Jan DA, and have not sighted the solutions. I had solved all but 5 and “blogosphere” was not among them. I remember I had “dishwallah” as a solution (the direct clue being “sink worker”).

    And I have completed the 9 Jan DA (as of 6:53pm Sunday). Woo hoo! It’s been a long time between drinks so I am quite chuffed.

  2. I like dishwallah: it’s just a great word!

    And congrats on the 9 Jan efforts.

  3. Thanks, AS. Pity dishwallah was incorrect though.

    I have no idea why I chose such an obscure term when the more prosaic (and correct) dishwasher fitted the clue. Not knowing the names of all Santa’s reindeer, I plumped for Dallah as one, whereas Dasher is much more logical. D’oh!

    And this allows me to see the correct solution for 21D: Means of prayer recital? You can count on it (6) is ROSARY. And 9D (BLOGOSPHERE). And I also just got 3D: Deadly LEsion THat ALarmed leading couples (6) LETHAL.

    So I am still 2 short: 1D and 17D.

    I have found my copy of this DA so I will try to scan and email to you, AS.

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