The Gold (from the 9th of January)

26 across: Where guests swing to stay bohemian, we hear! (3, 5)

The answering of this clue was RC’s shocking and hilarious epiphany, and I thank Ang Lee’s Ice Storm for my first acquaintance with the concept. It’s clear that DA is a little cheeky, and this clue only confirms the impression: to stay bohemian = keep arty and to stay bohemian, we hear = key party = where guests swing.

Absolute Gold.

8 across: Detention centre, at your request (8)

The centre makes you look in the middle of the word detention, which takes you down the wrong line of reasoning thanks to DA’s fine trickery. The answer: detention centre, at your = entreaty = request.

12 across: Like Astroboy and Bugs, I mean (5)

This is a very easy clue that DA makes difficult with his fine choice of a misleading anagram indicator in Bugs. Here, bugs, i mean = anime = like Astroboy.

24 across: Basic alarms alerting (8)

Another very easy clue (this time, one we missed) made difficult due to DA’s artistry. We were too busy thinking up double-meanings for this one when all we needed to do was read an anagram into the clue with basic = integral = alarms alerting.

2 thoughts on “The Gold (from the 9th of January)

  1. 26 across is hilarious and typical DA (nudge, nudge, wink, wink)!

    The use of Bugs as an anagram indicator is superb and typical of DA’s attention to detail. If you think of Bugs as referring to Bugs Bunny, then this clue is an example of the rare &lit type (the whole clue is the answer).

  2. Hmm…but on second thought I guess anime is mainly used to designate specifically Japanese animation in which case Bugs would be excluded, so no &lit.

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