The Confusion (from the 9th of November)

20 down: Kiss and make up? Fair dinkum? (6)

Fair dinkum = really is clear as day, but the rest?

19 down: Fan of a juvenile explorer on radio

Adorer = fan is all that’s certain here.

21 across: Leading female experiment curtailed mid-step… (padre) (9)

Here, leading female = matriarch, which implies that mid-step = arch, but how does experiment curtailed = matri?

22 across: (matriarch)…for father to step about? (5)

The answer here is padre, which kinda means that to step = pad, about = re and to step about = padre = for father, but how does to step = pad?

6 thoughts on “The Confusion (from the 9th of November)

  1. 20 down: Kiss and make up? Fair dinkum? (6)
    Kiss and make up = re-ally (become friends again)

    22 across: (matriarch)…for father to step about?
    My copy of the Collins Concise dictionary gives pad = walk with a soft or muffled tread, or travel a route on foot

  2. Intriguingly in Sanskrit/Pali, ” pada = a step, pace, stride; a footstep, trace, vestige, mark, the foot itself” (from Vedic “pad”).

    Almost certainly a coincidence…

  3. 19 Down. You obviously don’t have contact with small children or you would be painfully aware of Dora the Explorer. But would you adore her?

  4. Thanks for the help there, NC; re-ally is actually quite clever!

    The Sanskrit, though, is quite probably not a coincidence.

    English is part of the Indo-European language family of which Sanskrit is one of the main branches from which the Germanic, Romance, Greek, Indo-Iranian, Celtic, Armenian and Slavic languages amongst others all originate.

    Because of this, there’s a whole bunch of similarities between the languages despite the fact that, through phonological change and semantic shift, most are not immediately evident.

  5. re 21 across;
    ”experiment” = trial curtailed gives ”’tria” mid step = “march” gives maTRIAarch. You need to be around to know abour little Dora! sheesh!

  6. Had no idea about Dora, and, not surprisingly, I don’t have kids!

    That might also explain why all Harry Potter references go right past me.

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