Much Confusion (19th of December edition)

10 across: Directly opposed to Milne capturing live music intro (5)

There’s Steven Milne the footballer and AA Milne the author, but I don’t know the answer to the clue.

12 across: Ruthless lord lodged protest rally, unseating friend in power (9)


22 across: Indigenous people from Grafton in crime report (5)

We figured this was Sioux just because it fit with the cross clues, but we had no idea why.

24 across: See you later for Spooner’s dog advice (6-3)

It hurt not being able to solve this Spooner, but unsolved it remains.

27 across: Wardrooms switch in favour of man astride a steed? (9)


28 across: Suffering inertia? Not in the extreme! (9)

Looks like an anagram of inertia could be involved…

29 across: Twisted, bit like Camp David guest (5)

Again, hmmm…?

5 down: Silent, cruder, gutless orator? No way (7)


7 down: My stretched cats… (tempt) (7)


21 down: #1 ranking immune to upset? (3, 4)

Top spot looks good, but I have no explanation.

23 down: Part of the team pawns post (2, 5)


24 down: Bantu speakers regularly tour around 21-down (5)

No clue really.

8 thoughts on “Much Confusion (19th of December edition)

  1. G’day AS, good to see you back in the swing. I thought this was one of DA’s better ones.
    10 across; “Milne” = AA capturing “live” = BE “music intro” = M gives ABEAM
    a nautical term for opposite
    12 across; you have to be a Harry Potter fan to know this one ( I am not). Voldemort is an evil character in one of the books. Cryptically it goes like this; “protest” = DEMO and “rally” unseating “friend” (ally) gives R lodged in “power” = VOLT gives volDEMORt
    22 across; this really had me cudgelling the old grey matter but after consulting the dictionary the word SUE describes the process of “to make suppliant requests of someone(for something)” which could also describe the process of to “graft on in crime” or demand money dishonestly and this fits in with ”report” or sound like SIOUX.
    24 across; “dog advice” is POODLE TIP spoonerised gives TOODLE PIP or “see you later”
    27 across; “in favour of” = PRO switched gives ORP and “man” = HE astride “a steed” = A NAG gives orphANAGe a place for wards or orphans.
    28 across; “suffering” (cue for anagram of “inertia”) and “not in the extreme” is NT( the extremes of the word not) gives ITINERANT which is the extreme opposite of inertia , quite a cross mix of ideas there.
    29 across; “bit” = TAD and “like” = AS twisted (round) gives SADAT who was the Egyptian president at the time of Camp David.
    5 down; “silent” = MUM and “cruder” = BLUER gutless (minusU) gives MUMBLER which is no way an orator.
    7 down; this is a gem; “my” = GEE (as in “Oh My”)and “stretched” = LONG gives GEELONG the mighty Cats!
    21 down; my favourite! “No 1 Ranking” = TOPSPOT “immune to upset” “”indicates that this is a palindrome .cool!
    23 down; “pawns post” is their position on a chessboard and to be “part of the team” is to be on board.
    24 down; regularly “tour” gives TU ( first and third letters of that word) and 21 down “topspot” or first (IST) around TSI gives TUTSI the language of the Bantu tribe.
    cheers AL

  2. AL, are you DA?

    That’s phenomenal.

    I suppose I feel a little better about the crossword because I knew not what a toodle pip or pawns post is, nor who Voldemort is (which is the second Harry Potter reference DA has made that I can remember), nor that abeam is a nautical term for opposite.

    21 down is fantastic. That’s going down as Gold, along with 7 down.

  3. Hi AL, Thanks for explaining 22ac. for us;was driving me crazy. BH

  4. Hi BH! Have you really been thinking about that clue for 3 months? I can relate to that. DA is liable to do that to you.

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