A Not Even Half Done DA (from the 12th of December)

DA cryptic crossword the age with rc and ec

Nothing has been posted for a while due to our cryptic commune’s lack of co-ordination. We’re back, though, all together in Melbourne once again, and even EC made it into town from Katherine.

This one was a blank slate in my back pocket since its appearance on the 12th. Sadly, it remained largely blank after it was finally attempted only yesterday at my house in the company of RC and EC, with special guest appearances by JC.

This one we considered especially tough. We could not work out most of the answers, and we had not the newspaper that printed the answers.

And besides those unanswered clues, we were left to ponder the following: is this the only example of a cryptic that has ever filled a blank shared by two clues with the letter q?

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