EC and DA (from the 5th of December)

EC Special

(the circled clues were the failures)

RC discovered a kindred cryptic spirit in EC while in Katherine. Now RC is in Laos, but that did not stop TH and I welcoming EC back to Melbourne with a DA at The Wall on Sunday.

It had been a while since I had last colluded with TH in my attempts on a DA, and neither of us had met EC before, but around a small table that quickly filled with cups of coffee, we convivially made short shrift of the DA. It took about ninety minutes before we consulted the answers, but after having consulted them we groaned at our misses despite not knowing who Marc Chagall is.

Sunday also marks the beginnings of a new relationship with Blowfly. Happily, the second-hand CD store around the corner from The Wall had a rare copy of one his albums available, and the rest is a joyous history.

3 thoughts on “EC and DA (from the 5th of December)

  1. How does Hindu sanctuary lacks wood and butter = ram? I got Hindu = Ram but couldn’t arrive at how it worked …

  2. that one’s quite clever actually.

    Hindu sanctuary = ashram, hindu sanctuary lacks wood = ram = butter (as in something that butts)

  3. Ah – as opposed to the hindu god Ram … thanks, that’s quite a neat clue.

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