The Confusion (from the 28th of November)

Happily, three pieces of confusion have already been resolved!

Nevertheless, that still leaves the following:

2 down: Country remedy ending before it begins, as tumult intervenes (7)

Thanks to cross clues, I got country = ecuador. What I didn’t get was everything else.

1 down: Entitled 5-down (Dickensian) in alcohol-free tedium (8)

Again, cross clues enabled me to get tedium = drudgery, but my dislike of Dickens generally left me none the wiser for the rest of the clue.

Can someone enlighten me here?

2 thoughts on “The Confusion (from the 28th of November)

  1. re 2 down: this was good fun I thought. Obviously “country” was the key word and the answer goes like this:
    ”remedy = “cure” .Ending of the word “cure” is “e” before its beginning “cur” gives “ecur”.The “tumult” intervening is “ado” hence ecuADOr

  2. re 1 down: I have to admit I quite like Dickens and the title of one of his better known works is Barnaby Rudge.( Certainly helps if you know that one.)
    So entitled Dickensian “Rudge” in alcohol-free “dry” gives dRUDGEry.

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