DA Failure (from the 14th of November)

Friday toughie

(Written in fineliner are my failures)

This one made me want to cry.

I was already asleep when RC texted me for a late DA on Friday night, and the remainder of the weekend was too busy for me to share the cryptic joy, so I attempted it solo over the last few days.

I feel as if my powers are failing me. Despite its being carried around in my back pocket most everywhere I went, I got out little more than a quarter of the crossword. And despite having the answers in front of me, there’s still plenty I can’t explain.


One thought on “DA Failure (from the 14th of November)

  1. 16A: He essentially says to shelter in his God! (9)

    Is this an example of that rare beast, the &lit clue type? The whole clue = the answer (AYATOLLAH). essentially says = ay; to = to; his God = Allah; shelter in = containment indicator.

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