The Gold (31st October)

9 across: Article on ovine look, plus model beef on journey, perhaps (3, 2, 5, 3)

The reference to ovine and beef in the same clue, which leads one to think of both terms within the same semantic range, is a particularly clever way DA has of creating clues. Here, article = a, on = re, ovine = wether, look = eye and model = t, all of which gives article on ovine look, plus model = are we there yet = beef on journey, perhaps (in the sense of a complaint).

12 down: Rampant socialite a donkey, according to Obama’s mob (5, 6)

Funny and topical! Rampant socialite = party animal = a donkey, according to Obama’s mob (a donkey is the Democratic party’s emblem).

6 down: Escapes seabird, fusty in sound (5, 4)

Nice sounds-like clue. Seabird = tern and fusty = stale so that seabird, fusty in sound = turns tail = escapes.

5 down: Bleats swamp under-performer in the Atlantic? (7)

I love the containment indicator here, swamp, so that we get bleats = baas, under-performer = ham and bleats swamp under-performer = bahamas = in the Atlantic.

2 thoughts on “The Gold (31st October)

  1. I get where you’re coming from, but I’m still willing to grant that DA is justified using under-performer.

    An under-performer can be construed as someone who does not do their job well, and an actor who overacts is certainly someone who is not doing their job well, or an under-performer.

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