DA Confusion (31st of October)

14 across: 5-across (butchery) rubbing out $1000 for credit (10)

The answer is massacring, which should account for either butchery or more likely butchery rubbing out. The rest remains unexplained.

21 across: Savage dog returns about mating period (6)

This one is so confusing that I even came up with brutal = savage, but I couldn’t bring myself to write it in because I didn’t the faintest clue as to why.

3 thoughts on “DA Confusion (31st of October)

  1. re 14 across: He’s a crafty bugger is DA. I kept obsessing about rubbing(erasing) then it dawned on me: rubbing = massaging, less $1000 (g) gives massaing replace with credit (cr} gives massa(cr)ing.Pretty clever!

  2. 21 across: I thought this one not too bad.A rut is a mating season ( as in rutting) and the dog returning about is a Labrador (lab) , so BrutAL.

  3. AL, top work!

    On 14 across, I was obsessed with the letter k for $1000, and, for some reason, g never crossed my mind.


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