DA’s Teachings (from the 24th of October)

22 down: Worker with practically nothing? That smells! (6)

I was pretty sure this was making reference to a nose, but I had no idea that a slang term for nose is beezer, so that worker = bee and practically nothing = zer, giving worker with practically nothing? = beezer = that smells!.

25 across: Brief spy issue (6)

I had never heard of Molson as a beer, and here we have spy = mole, brief spy = mol and issue = son (which I’m not completely sure about), giving brief spy issue = Molson = beer (the crossword’s theme).

2 thoughts on “DA’s Teachings (from the 24th of October)

  1. These two were among those that tripped me up in this DA. Can anyone attest to having personally seen or heard of either one while in Australia?

    Just sour grapes on my part, or rather bitter hops :)

  2. Molson’s is well know in Australia; it was once (late 1990s) wholly owned by Fosters.

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