The Good Stuff (from the 10th of October)

1 across: She cleaned standpipe, wasting seconds

Not a particularly memorable clue, but I like the reference to Sadie, the Cleaning Lady (standpipe wasting seconds = sadie = she cleaned.)

1 down: Nemo’s dog, perhaps, heard with less frequency?

This one’s funny if not completely neat. Nemo’s dog, perhaps = subwoofer = dog, perhaps, heard with less frequency?.

18 down: Stock-taker fond of crackling?

Nice double meaning clue, with fond of crackling? = rustler = stock-taker.

2 thoughts on “The Good Stuff (from the 10th of October)

  1. On the 1 down clue – Nemo is the submarine captain in 20,000 leagues, so his dog is a ‘sub”woofer’ : A subwoofer emits the lower (lesser?) frequencies in a speaker

  2. heard with less frequency = subwoofer is a bit dodgy by DA.

    I like the clue — the reference to Nemo and his dog I thought was hilarious — but it isn’t the neatest of clues overall.

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