The Discombobulation (from the 10th of October edition)

3 down: He or I suggest stove ring (7)

I’m supposing stove ring = element. The rest?

26 across: Scoutmaster’s books not reviewed? (5)

Absolutely no idea. Apparently, the answer is tonto.

4 down: Daredevil retailed alloy (5)

Here, brash = daredevil, but I can’t explain anything else.

21 down: Love album spun into huge video download (7)

The answer is vodcast, which I suppose means spun into = cast, but why love album = vod?

22 down: Joke over tennis call (3, 2)

The answer: not up. What? Does that have something to do with joke = to pun? But when is not up ever said on the tennis court? What?

7 thoughts on “The Discombobulation (from the 10th of October edition)

  1. The only one I am fairly confident of is 4 down. alloy = brass. So retailed alloy = retailed brass =brash.

    22 down: Actually I have heard “not up” on the tennis court. It means the ball has bounced twice before being hit. I’ll give that one to DA. I got this without realising the “to pun” anagram. Nice get.

    21 down: If you are a 60s music fan like me, “Love album” has to be “Forever Changes” or perhaps “