Taswegian Teachings (3rd October crossword)

25 down: Greek spirit depleted the Spanish winger (5)

Greek spirit = ouzo, the Spanish = el giving Greek spirit deleted the Spanish = ouzel = winger. When I got this out, I supposed ouzel referred to a rugby player, probably French, who played as a winger and was blessed with a fine name. Google then told me it was in fact a reference to a particular species of bird!

27 across: Cop combined zero with zero regularly (6)

Here, zero regularly = zr and combined zero with zero regularly = rozzer = cop. I had never heard of a rozzer before, but it sounded like a slang word for a cop, and so it proved to be. What’s most entertaining, though, is despite appearances to the contrary, it’s another way of calling a cop a pig: rozzer comes from the Hebrew word chazer, which means “pig”.

24 across: Musical 13-down (Taswegian) let short creep up stones (5, 10)

An anagram of let short creep up is Peter Sculthorpe, who, unbeknownst to me, is a renowned composer of primarily orchestral and chamber music.

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