DA Nastiness Bullshit (26th of September)

20 across: Wicked climber corks key bubbly with bit of tissue (9)

Corks key bubbly = skyrocke and bit of tissue = t so that wicked climber = skyrocket = corks key bubbly with bit of tissue. Here, the explanation is reasonably easy, but the direct clue is a piece of crap. Wicked climber for skyrocket is too ridiculous a synonym even for a cryptic.

Update: In the comments, NC comes to the rescue again and brings to light DA’s dastardly chicanery.

One thought on “DA Nastiness Bullshit (26th of September)

  1. I think this involves a nasty DA-ism similar to river = flower (i.e. something that flows) which I see has been noted under “DA specalties”.

    If you pronounce “wicked” as one syllable rather than two, you will see that “wicked” can mean “something with a wick”…

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