DA Pain (26th September)

Sicilian Orange on Sunday was the scene of the spanking. Never before has DA so roundly defeated us. Truth be told, I’m a little ashamed of posting the barely-completed cryptic, so I’m giving myself a few more days to stare at it blankly in the hope of at least filling in a few more of the vacant spaces.

Nasty, nasty DA work this week.

One thought on “DA Pain (26th September)

  1. That’s a relief.

    I thought I might have been the only one to find this DA one of the toughest in living memory. I was tempted to give up several times, but I’m glad I persevered. Late last night I put DA to the sword!

    I accepted help on one (from a gardening neighbour). That was after I still had only three clues out, well into Saturday morning. That gave me a spur until I got bogged down again. By Sunday arvo, I still had barely half completed.

    However, late Sunday evening I got my second wind and polished it off. I’m as pleased as punch! Quite a few confusions, though. I’ll be interested to contribute to our joint musings.

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