DA Simpsons Gold (19th September)

20 across: Pub’s Maria, perhaps, clutches dashing bloke off Darwin (5, 3)

This one made me chuckle. I got this from the direct clue, off Darwin, which I figured must have referred to the Timor Sea. The explanation, though, is clever: pub’s maria, perhaps = tia (as in Tia Maria, the liqueur), dashing bloke = Morse (as in the guy who invented Morse code), giving pub’s maria, perhaps, clutches dashing bloke = timor sea = off Darwin.

21 down: Where to find raspberries stuck? (2, 1, 3)

Nice double-meaning clue which I failed to solve. Where to find raspberries = in a jam = stuck.

Update: Now that I’ve worked out how 15-across works, it too deserves to be here.

15 across: Spooner’s body art forged by 18-down (Simpsons) villain (3, 4)

Everyone loves a Spoonerism and this is yet another one to love. Here, body art = tat, forged = phony so that Spooner’s body art forged = Fat Tony = Simpsons villain.

3 thoughts on “DA Simpsons Gold (19th September)

  1. I had “in a rut” for 21 down, which admittedly didn’t make a whole lot of sense in relation to raspberries.

    It wouldn’t have made any difference, though. I would never have guessed the last three (25,12a, 15a and 13d) as I didn’t know the Simpson’s characters involved :(

  2. Without a thorough knowledge of the Simpsons, this crossword must have been rough.


  3. Kinda like the Mark Twain one a few weeks back, which was a shitter for those (like me) who hadn’t read any of his books.

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