DA and the Simpsons (19th September)

the simpsons DA

(the circled answers were not answered)

TH had Bukowskied himself the night before and I was in Richmond minding my sister’s house, so I walked on down to Bridge Road and found myself by myself having a run-of-the-mill breakfast over a DA at the Short Black Cafe.

With so many clues referring to so many others, it was clear this one had to have a theme. And it was with the following clue that the theme was revealed:

10, 26 across: He animates tiger’s 17-across (oddness), wild one in coupling (4, 8)

I know from bitter experience that something like he animates is often all DA uses as the direct clue, so I figured the answer referred to someone who was an animator. I had G_O_____ of the surname and that was enough for The Simpsons creator, Matt Groening, to come to mind and provide me both with the answer and the theme to the crossword! (coupling = mating, wild one = oen, tiger’s oddness = tgr, giving tiger’s oddness, wild one in coupling = matt groening = he animates.)

From there, the crossword proved to be thoroughly amusing albeit reasonably easy for a DA because of the theme, which meant that despite my not having decent explanations for quite a number of the clues, I was able to answer them in good time. I pulled up stumps and consulted the answers reasonably quickly, though, which I now regret, because what remained of the crossword wasn’t all that difficult. Alas, I had things to do and I was in no position to justify at least another hour of DA play, even if the beloved Simpsons family were the theme of the day.

2 thoughts on “DA and the Simpsons (19th September)

  1. Bukowskied. Ha. I like that as a verb. And it’s a fairly accurate description of what happened.

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