The Day DA Tore Me A New One (15th of August)

friday failure

(sadly, the circled answers were deciphered by the solution in Saturday’s Age, not by me)

I had a light Friday and a busy weekend ahead of me, so I had to attempt the DA from the 15th of August solo, without TH as my right hand. And I say attempt because, as the image attached attests, I didn’t even get half of it done.

This baby bludgeoned me. DA is back and hubris is still a force in the world. Looking through the answers on the Saturday, I was cheered to find that my failure had nothing to do with my own ineptitude — no, DA was just being curmedgeonly mean.

Has DA been reading this blog? Does he know of our recent spate of success? Is this DA having his revenge on Melbourne?

I feel like I’ve been brutalised. Am I the only one?

8 thoughts on “The Day DA Tore Me A New One (15th of August)

  1. No, you are not the only one. DA is back to his bemusing best.

    Luckily I had AJ to help me out again. Solo, I am sure I would have only completed half of it too. I had a sneaking feeling this would happen. Has DA been toying with us the past couple of weeks?

    Friday afternoon AJ and I met at Pushka

    We brought about eight clues solved individually and about an hour and a half later we had another eight, leaving a dozen or so to go. During the remainder of the evening we texted each other with more solutions, until around midnight we had to admit defeat with three to go.

    I think there will be plenty of material in this one to discuss, including fodder for the Gold, Confusion, Nastiness and Teachings categories. Regarding the latter, I learnt three new words!

    I did have befuddlement galore, but I think I have got a handle on most of it now…

  2. I was beginning to think that the ways of the DA were being mastered. Three weeks in a row of great success made it seem as though this DA business was no big deal. Now that DA has shown me who’s boss, though, I’m kind of glad — really, I just want him to abuse me.

  3. I know what you mean, AS.

    I too kind of like knowing that besting DA will be the exception rather than the rule (and even then only after hours of head scratching).

    But it’s good to be not quite so awestruck by DA’s cleverness now. (Heaven help me – I thought of DA’s ‘orse truck when I typed this!).

    Some constructive criticism (like the new DA Bullshit category) to go with the plentiful plaudits must be healthy.

    By the way, I learnt three new words from the 15 August DA: dirndl, loupe and capote. Perhaps one or more of these could appear in DA Teachings?

  4. You don’t have to put in capote. That’s OK. Does that mean that the word capote (meaning a type of cloak) is not so rare? I’ve never heard of it, but maybe others have.

  5. I already knew about capote meaning a cloak, which is why I didn’t put it in.

    Concerning it’s rarity, I have no idea, although I don’t think it’s that common.

    And do you know who George Soros is?

    This is the question TH, RC and I ask of people. We ask the question after RC tried to pick up a woman by impressing her with some impressive trivia concerning the man (his native tongue is Esperanto!). RC ended up failing in his endeavours, which is a rare thing indeed, after the trivia fell flat because the woman had no idea who George Soros is. And as we’ve come to ask more and more people if they know who George Soros is, we’ve discovered he really is not well known at all.

  6. Initially I saw the cap at the beginning and e at the end of capote and thought cloak=cape, but that left me puzzling how to account for the ot.

    I haven’t googled George Soros yet, but I will now. I have some vague recollection that he is a billionaire stock market guru. And anti-Bush? Not sure about that. I will check now.

    My nerdish inclinations go back a long way. In my mid-teens, over 40 years ago, I corresponded with pen-friends around the world in Esperanto! I remember 3 of them were from Poland, Brazil and Hungary!

  7. I dip my hat in your honour: bothering to learn esperanto is the height of geekiness.

    There’s also an old B-grade horror movie starring William Shatner that’s completely in Esperanto. I think it’s called Incubus.

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