Quality DA (15th of August)

6 down: (reassembling) …conductor for Candle in the Wind subsequently? (5)

I didn’t get this one out, but it was certainly amusing when looking up the answers regardless. Candle in the Wind was an ordinary Elton John song when first released, but after Princess Di’s funeral, it became a Di ode. So, Candle in the Wind subsequently = diode = conductor (I’m not sure why the reassembling from the previous clue is necessary, but I’ll just let that slide.)

27 across: Auditor went wrong with travel disorder (8)

This is a tough sounds-like clue, but quality all the way. Went wrong = sinned, travel = roam meaning that auditor went wrong with travel = syndrome = disorder. What’s especially nice is that the travel sounds-like clue makes for the travel destination, Rome.

Update: A new addition to DA Gold now that an explanation has been provided by NC!

4 down: Like nursing, like making new… (diode) (12)

Like = resembling, like = as and nursing is the containment indicator, meaning that like nursing, like = reassessment = making new. Like can mean a variety of things in a cryptic, and, fittingly, we have two separate meanings for the two separate instances of the term in the clue.

Yet again the ellipsis is applied without much reason, but, again, we’ll let this slide because the clue is so good.

2 thoughts on “Quality DA (15th of August)

  1. 6D: JA texted me with the answer to this one late Friday. Very cute!
    Presumably the “subsequently” refers to the fact that the song was originally written by Elton John & Bernie Taupin in 1973 in honour of Marilyn Munroe and remade in 1997 as a tribute to Lady Diana.
    But with lines like “I would have liked to know you, but I was just a kid” it never seemed very appropriate as an ode to Di. I don’t know why the ellipsis (…) either. I just ignored it.

    27A: This one is lovely. I like the juxtaposition of “travel” with “disorder” so that you tend to read “travel disorder”. I was racking my brains for ages, trying to force “dysentery” to be an 8-letter word. Especially when I knew that the second letter was “y”. Nice one, DA.

  2. I read 27A the same way, going through all the travel disorders which invariably involve gastric complaints and coming up with nothing. I’m sure DA knew that would happen.

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