Bullshit for the Masses (15th of August)

1 down: Makin’ a blue roll (6)

Making a blue = muffing so makin’ a blue = muffin, but a muffin ain’t a roll! You might be able to get muffins and rolls from the bakery, but you can get meat pies there too and such a flimsy connection is most definitely not grounds for synonymity.

15 down: Wrung out? Old had this! (9)

This one is almost brilliant. The out looks like the anagram notifier, but out is in fact part of the anagram and wrung is the anagram notifier, so that wrung out? old had = adulthood. The problem is accounting for this! And to make matters worse, Old had this! is a terrible direct clue for adulthood. This clue is just messy — pedants be warned!

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