The DA Bullshit, Part I (from the 1st of August)

And so I inaugurate a new category: DA Bullshit.

This category is for the odd clue that frequents a DA which, whilst not exactly an error, owes too much to poetic licence.

Friday-just-past’s frequently ridiculous cryptic, which I will report on shortly, also had something to do with the creation of this category as well.

But here, as reported by NC, is the first piece of documented DA bullshit:

12 across: Pan author after good chapter’s climax that most jetsetters go through? (5,7)

(Peter) Pan author =Barrie, good = sound, chapter’s climax = r giving Pan author after good chapter’s climax = sound barrier = that most jetsetters go through.

But as NC noted, jetsetters don’t go through the sound barrier anymore. DA, we expect better!

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