Crimes Against Cryptic Humanity

Today’s NS in The Age committed two heinous crimes.

First up:

4 down: The way of working the middle holding again is tempting (4-3)

The answer to this one, which I did not get before cheating, is the way of working = mo, the middle = h, again = re, is = is so that the way of working the middle holding again is = more-ish = tempting. With the cross clues, I would have eventually gotten it out if it were listed as seven letters in length and without the hyphen, but to render the word as more-ish is execrable.

And secondly:

21 across: Baddy at large was not in the French West (6)

Baddy is not a word as far as I’m concerned, so I figured that it must be Aaron Baddeley’s nickname or something like that. But no, NS was using baddy as if it were baddie. Reading baddy, you’d make it rhyme with paddy, which is subtly but significantly different to baddie, but not according to NS.

Anyway, the answer was not in = out, the French = la, west = w so that not in the French West = outlaw = baddy (baddie).


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