18th of July Friday on 19th

friday attempt

The sun was out and the sky was blue, but a southerly on the express train directly from the Antarctic was sweeping through fine Melbourne on the Saturday just past.

TC and I met a bit before midday at our new haunt, Sicilian Orange. We both braved the wind chill and bicycled down on our trusty steeds, eager to tackle the DA that RC in Beijing was raving about.

Tragically, the meeting of the cryptic minds had to be cut short so that I could meet my brother at the MCG and watch the Tigers defeat the Bombers. It was the first time this year I had been at the ground to see Richmond take home the points after already having watched three tragic losses, so the poor progress made on the DA had a silver lining, at least for me. Pity the poor Bomber who had to make the same compromise.

The crossword above was the result of an hour’s work. Mostly, it was a confusing hour’s work, with some of DA’s simplest mixed up with some of his toughest.

2 thoughts on “18th of July Friday on 19th

  1. For the last couple of years a friend and I have met on a Friday afternoon to tackle the DA cryptic. Occasionally our combined brainpower has met with success. Those were red letter days. Enormously satisfying. High fives exchanged. Recently we have both been too busy to meet (hope to continue soon though). Last Friday (18 July 2008) I decided to have a go on my own, giving myself a week to solve it (and promising myself not to cheat & look at the solution on the Saturday). Well, I succeeded! Last night, Monday 21 July I cracked the last clue. Feeling very pleased with myself :)

  2. You got shandygaff out on your own?

    Top work!

    I’ve actually posted on this blog the photo of the very first completed DA I ever managed to get out. It’s framed in my room and is perhaps my proudest achievement.

    Go to the first post on this blog if you’re interested.

    And congratulations!

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